Windows Update failed with error code 0x80004005

Since weeks one windows machine wasn’t able to install the latest “Monthly Rollups”, but other updates work. After reboot the installer starts until 86% and undone the update. Internet search did not bring much, except some users with an alternative bootloader who have the same problem. But this machine has no other bootloader. The Windows Update log did not have any helpful details, which also makes sense since it had to give for the installation of the update its own log. I remembered the CBS.log, which I used in another problem and what should I say … there was the error code 80004005 – with helpfull details.

It was not possible to write parts of the bootloader. I assign a drive letter to \HarddiskVolume1 with diskpart and i see the problem. The drive was out of space. Only 12Kb free, but lots of garbage. The drive is also used for Recovery (WinRE). Then I recognized the cause. The disk was cloned from a HDD to a SSD with lower capacity. After resize the HarddiskVolume1 to original size, the update works without any problem.

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  1. Hi,

    Can you please provide the steps to resize the Harddiskvolume1 and make it updates are success.
    I am also facing the same issue with KB4474419.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I assume SBC.log is a simple typo and should have been CBS.log
    At least that’s where that information was on my Windows 7 system.

    Thanks for the information, it was very helpful in determining the issue (I also cloned my HDD to SSD and had similar issues)

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